Message from our President

The company can rely and grow up forever.

We are promoting business activities with attention to your products and services to meet customer's satisfaction with understanding and collaboration with local communities and taking into consideration the security and peace of mind, always as a manufacturer of automotive parts for many car manufacturers.

Masaki Furumi
President, Johnan de Mexico

Masaki Furumi. Presidente de Johnan México


First shift personnel - Johnan México

First shift personnel

Second shift personnel - Johnan México

Second shift personnel

Third shift personnel - Johnan México

Third shift personnel

Administrative personnel - Johnan México

Administrative personnel

Company’s Mission

To manufacture a high quality and competitive product to exceed customer expectations. We maintain a close communicative relationship with them to make sure we cover their needs on a 100%.


Company's Vision

To be the number one supplier on the North American market, serving to an increasing number of customers, by offering the best products honestly and quickly.


Company's Values

They are the key to express who we are and what we believe in:​

Team work